Silva Ranger compass

Silva Ranger compass

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A classic Ranger Compass with a baseplate, an easy to read luminous dial, big, legible arrow, and a scale lanyard. It's as reliable as ever, and easier to use.

  • Luminous dial markings from 0-360 degrees with large numerals at every 20-degree mark, so it's easy to read in challenging conditions.
  • 1:25:000 and 1:50:000 scales and centimeter/millimetre rules.
  • Scale lanyard (1:25k and 1:50K) takes the guesstimation out of plotting, and as a break-away lanyard for safe and convenient carrying
  • DryFlex™ rubberized bezel is easy to use with, and without gloves.
  • Clear baseplate with magnification lens for easy mapping and plotting.
  • Declination scale.

Tech specs

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Weight 33g
Ideal for
  • Day hiking
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Travel
Northern Hemisphere
Magnifying lens Yes
Sighting mirror No