Riot Enduro 12 Angler/with Skeg Kayak (In Store Only)

Riot Enduro 12 Angler/with Skeg Kayak (In Store Only)

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You asked for more storage capacity, floatation and sealed bulkheads; you got it in this fishing trip dream machine. With two sealed compartments for fishing and camping gear, get ready for the most exciting fishing campaign of your life: you’ll silently access remote coves and otherwise unreachable eddies while being completely autonomous and free to move anywhere, or simply hold your position as long as needed.

Stand out Features :

  • Drytech 
  • Bow & Stern sealed bulkhead with 15” rubber hatch
  • Track-rite Skeg system
  • 2 flush mount rod holder & 1 swivel rod holder
  • Comfort Flex Light Seat System
  • Self Rescue Safety Straps


Length 11’8” (3.57m)
Width 27” (69cm)
Weight 60.2 lbs (27.3 kg)
Max Displacement 351 lbs (159kg)
Cockpit size 38.8x22.8” (98.5x58cm)
Inner Cockpit size 36.2 x 19.1” (92 x 48.5 cm)
Cockpit height 33.02 cm
Béluga Skirt size 4X-Large
Ideal paddler size 190 lbs