GV Winter Trail Spin Snowshoes (In person shopping only)

GV Winter Trail Spin Snowshoes (In person shopping only)

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See what your favourite summer hikes are like in the winter. These lightweight recreational snowshoes provide the traction and float you need for casual hikes in moderate terrain. Ergonomic bindings keep your feet centred for a comfortable stride, and a pivoting band system gives them an energetic rebound.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Entech decking is lightweight and abrasion-resistant.
  • Spin binding ratcheting cable cinches down with a quick twist.
  • Toe and heel crampons provide traction on slopes.

Tech specs

ShowTech specs
  • 2.43kg (36in)
  • 1.33kg (21in)
  • 1.46kg (24in)
  • 1.59kg (27in)
  • 1.98kg (29in)
Ideal for General snowshoeing
  • 10x36in. (36in)
  • 8x21in. (21in)
  • 8x24in. (24in)
  • 8x27in. (27in)
  • 9x29in. (29in)
Max recommended load
  • 80-190lb. (36in)
  • 60-120lb. (21in)
  • 60-140lb. (24in)
  • 60-150lb. (27in)
  • 80-170lb. (29in)
Made in Canada